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Get ready to see accessible digital design in a whole new light.

Making your websites, apps and other media accessible may seem like a challenge. But in fact, it’s an opportunity: to create compelling digital experiences that engage more users.

Download our free guide, “What Accessible Design Really Looks Like” and see how six of the smartest brands have created inclusive digital experiences without sacrificing great design.

Start engaging more users without sacrificing great design

What Accessible Design Really Means

Put your users in control.

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Learn how to empower people with disabilities to tailor their experience.

Think beyond the mouse.

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Learn fixes to make it easier for all users to navigate to the content they want.

Design for accessibility technologies.

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Get design approaches that open your site to people using screen readers.

Give voice to your creations.

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Discover how to seamlessly, elegantly incorporate audio.

Design for everyone, beautifully.

Find out how to create gorgeous, compelling digital experiences that everyone can engage with, whatever their abilities.

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Perkins Access Logo

Perkins Access is the digital accessibility consulting group from Perkins School for the Blind. As the world leader in education and services for the blind, visually impaired and multiply disabled, we've had accessibility in mind by design, since 1829.