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Recorded Webinar: Improve Mobile Banking & Investing Experiences for Everyone 

Inclusive Financial Services Webinar Recording

Right now, more than ever, people need to be able to manage their financial needs online. And as your digital presence and online offerings grow, your digital strategy has a chance to grow with them. 

Prioritizing accessibility in your process will keep you ahead of the curve — and ensure that your end products and services are usable by everyone, including people with disabilities.

We can help you get there. In this session, we’ll offer guidance on improving access so that all customers can access your online and mobile financial services — from making a mobile deposit to checking a paperless statement.

Watch our on demand webinar, presented by Gary Aussant, Director of Perkins Access. 

Dive into critical use cases

During this webinar, Gary Aussant, Director of Perkins Access Consulting, will dive into critical use cases that will help you understand where you are today and how you can improve your digital presence to ensure that every customer — now and in the future — is able to bank and invest with your organization, easily and efficiently, at every step of the way.


Learn from our digital accessibility industry veteran

Gary Aussant, Director of Perkins Access Consulting 

With a 20-year career in technology and user experience consulting, Aussant has helped such Fortune 100 companies as Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, eBay, General Motors, Transamerica and Twitter embrace universal design. He specializes in design thinking and usability testing to improve digital experiences early in the product development and helping clients sustain accessibility through best practices in day-to-day operations.


Take your digital accessibility to the next level.

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